Arduino Microcontroller Programming Course in Colombo, Sri LankaTechnoplus Automation

Arduino Microcontroller Programming

Arduino Microcontroller Programming Course for Beginners

Arduino is the latest open source microcontroller platform to hit the tech world. This course is suitable for software developers, electrical engineers, university students, researchers and those who jammed with PIC microcontrollers. After following this course you’ll get basic understanding to make automation applications and there are increasing number of job opportunities.

Next Course : November 24th &  25th
Medium : Sinhala
Course fee : 9,000 LKR
Awards : Certificate for all participants
Venue : 383 1/1 Serpentine Rd., Borella

Duration: 2 days (16 hrs.)
Required materials : Laptop
Registration fee : 1000 LKR
Lunch & refreshment : Provided
Contact : 077-2813449

Learning objectives

  • Understand basic principles of embedded electronics & microcontroller technology
    • Give background knowledge to those who wish to attend our advanced course
    • Identify applications of Arduino in different industries
    • Develop simple home automation systems and industrial applications

Syllabus/Course Outline

Introduction to Industrial Automation

  • Define industrial automation
    • Different automated systems

Microcontroller Technology & Embedded electronics

  • Differentiate microcontrollers, microprocessors and programmable logic controllers
    • Architecture and function of microcontrollers

Introduction to PIC microcontrollers

  • PIC microcontroller series
    • Comparing PIC with Arduino

Introduction to Arduino microcontrollers

  • Atmel and ATMega microcontroller series
    • Architecture of arduino development board series and pin diagram
    • Compare different arduino boards (uno, mega, nano)

Introduction to Arduino Programming language

  • Data types, arrays, void loop & delay function
    • Turning on/off the buzzer

Arduino IDE

  • Installing and configuring Arduino IDE
    • Writing, uploading and debugging embedded programs

Arduino Simulator software

  • virtronics, simuino

Arduino shields and modules

  • Identify different external shields/modules and their purpose

Arduino Libraries

  • Working with inbuilt libraries
    • Installing external libraries

Embedded system designing with practicals

  • Working with digital I/O pins
    • Interface input/output devices
    • Blinking LEDs
    • Interfacing LCD and 7-segment display screens
    • Connecting input devices (Keypad, push button)
    • Keypad scanning and push button bounce handling
    • Serial communication
    • Digital to Analog conversion
    • Industrial motor controlling (DC, Stepper, Servo)
    • Interfacing sensors with Arduino (IR, ultrasonic)
    • Interfacing GSM module
    • SMS sending/receiving using GSM module

Implementing embedded systems

  • EMF noise cancellation techniques
  • Interfacing arduino with 230V A/C (single/three phase motors)

Selecting & purchasing electronic parts for embedded systems

  • How to select microcontrollers development boards and electronic parts
  • Places to purchase electronic parts

Summarizing and Discussion

• Different automation applications in major industrial sectors
• Simple ideas for developing home automation systems