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Automobile Electronics Course

Hybrid Technology & Automobile Electronics Course

Most Complete Automobile Engineering Course for Engineers and Engineering
Students in Sri Lanka. Fully Practical based and Job oriented training. This course
helps you to improve knowledge on Electronic Systems of Hybrid and Electric

Next Course : January 12nd
Medium : Lecturing in Sinhala (Notes in English)
Course fee : 54,000 LKR
Awards : Certificate
Venue : 383 1/1 Serpentine Rd., Borella

Duration: 6-months days (70 hrs.)
Required materials : Laptop
Registration fee : 4000 LKR
Lunch & refreshment : Not Provided
Contact : 0772813449


Learning objectives

● Understanding fundamentals on how electric vehicles work
● Get sound practical knowledge on Electronic systems of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
● Get familiar with troubleshooting and repairing electronic circuits in vehicles



Introduction to Automobile Technology

Electric Vehicle Maintenance

Engine lubrication and cooling system

Engine control system

Hybrid Technology

  • Introduction the major parts of a hybrid vehicle
  • Explain the construction and operation of hybrid system
  • Safety measures and working with high-voltage component
  • On-board diagnostics to find the problems in a hybrid vehicle
  • Identify the most common problems in a hybrid vehicle
  • Safely remove and replace a hybrid battery pack
  • Hybrid Service and cell balancing

Electric vehicle

  • Electric vehicle introduction
  • EV Control System
  • Traction Motor System
  • EV Battery System
  • Vehicle Charging System
  • High Voltage Cooling System
  • Transaxle & Transmission

ECU hardware Repairing

Service manuals

Introduction to Electronics Technology

  • Basic Electronics Theory
  • Series & Parallel Circuits
  • Measuring with Digital Multimeter
  • Breadboarding
  • Introduction to Alternating Current
  • Transistor Theory
  • Analog vs. Digital Waves
  • DC Motor controlling Theory
  • Digital electronics
  • Microcontroller programming

Final Exams

  • Written Exam and Practical Exam


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