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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How do I register with Technoplus (New student) ?

  1. Fill the registration form
    Make sure to add your phone number & email address correctly.
    After you submit the form you will get email message. If you didn’t get a message
    Recheck the email address again.
    b. Pay the registration fee to our bank account. Keep the Payment slip with you and handover it to us when you come to our course.
    c. Give us a call or send SMS mentioning your name, branch and time you deposited money. Those who transfer money online have to forward the transaction notification to our email.
    d. After we verify the payment we’ll send your registration number. If you didn’t receive registration number within 1/2 days, please notify to us.

I want to participate my company employees to a course. How to register them ?

  1. Fill registration form per each participant.
    b. Pay registration fee per each participant.
    c. Let us know after you deposit money to our bank account.
    d. After verifying your payment, we’all issue registration number per each participant.

What are the accepted methods to pay course fee ?

Cash or cheque

How to pay by cheque ?

Favor your cheques to “Technoplus Automation”

I`m already registered. Do I have to register again ?

No, you only have to register once. You can participate any number of short courses (workshops) after you register once.
In case you want to participate long term course such as ‘Advanced Mechatronics Course’, need to pay registration fee again.

I`m unable to attended the course, how can I refund the registration fee ?

Registration fee is non refundable. But you can transfer it to the next course.
Please read the terms and conditions before submitting the registration form.

When do I pay the course fee ?

All course participants have to pay the full course fee before enter into the classroom.

Can I pay part of course fee on the first day and then pay the rest later ?

No, you have to pay the full course fee at the start of the first day. For all short courses (1 day and 2 day courses) participants have to pay full course fee at the start of the each course.

For long term courses like ‘Advanced Mechatronics Course’ you have the option to pay course fee by installments. Contact us for more details.

What is the Language of Training ?

Lectures will conducted in Sinhala language. All printed materials will provided in English.
You can ask questions in English from lecturer. If you are having difficulty understanding lectures in Sinhala you can withdraw from the course and we will refund the full amount. You should make the inquiry to withdraw from the class within the first day of the course in order to get the full amount refunded.