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Mechatronics Course

Mechatronics Practical Training Course

Next Course : March 15th , 2020
Medium : Lecturing in Sinhala (Notes in English)
Course fee : 69,000 LKR
Awards : Certificate
Venue : 383 1/1 Serpentine Rd., Borella

Duration: 6-months days (175 hrs.)
Required materials : Laptop
Registration fee : 4000 LKR
Lunch & refreshment : Not Provided
Contact : 077-2813449

Learning objectives

● Understand fundamentals of Mechatronics
● Get sound practical knowledge on mechanical engineering, embedded
electronics, electrical engineering and computer based control engineering
● Design and Develop complete mechatronics applications
● Get familiar with reliable electronic, electrical and mechanical brands. Selecting
suitable items for projects and purchasing from right vendors

Introduction to Mechatronics Engineering

  • Introduction to Mechatronics
  • Components of Mechatronic systems
  • Industrial Automation Applications

Embedded Electronics

  • Introduction to Digital electronics
  • Electronic Components and Theory
  • Mathematical Calculations

Digital Electronic Circuit Designing

  • PCB Designing and manufacturing
  • CadSoft EAGLE PCB Designing Software
  • Auto-Routing & PCB fabrication

Microcontroller Programming

  • Architecture of Microcontrollers
  • Introduction to Arduino development boards
  • Arduino Programming language and IDE
  • Connecting I/O peripheral and external models
  • Arduino examples

GSM/SMS Controlling System Developing

Introduction to SMS based Automation systems

  • Define SMS based automation
  • Different SMS based automated systems
  • Introduction to GSM communication
  • How GSM works and basics of SMS

SIM900 GSM shield

  • Different types of GSM shield of SIMcom
  • Interfacing and configuring SIM900 with arduino
  • ATcommands for SIM900

Embedded GSM Application Developing

  • Sending & receiving SMS via SIM900
  • Display SMS in LCD screen
  • D/C motor controlling (speed, direction, on/off) via SMS
  • Sending sensor data via SMS

Android Automation System Developing

  • Define android based automation and Different android automation applications

Android GUI designing

  • Introduction to Android application developing using Eclips IDE
  • Android GUI Designing with MIT2

Bluetooth communication

  • Interfacing Bluetooth module
  • Connecting android phone and arduino using Bluetooth communication

Android robotic application designing

  • D/C motor controlling (On/Off, direction & speed)

Protocol Hacking

  • Communication protocols and IEEE standards
  • Data encrypting and decrypting
  • RS232/RS485 conversion and hacking

Computer Aided Designing (CAD)

  • Introduction to AutoCAD
  • CAD commands and Creating Layouts
  • AutoCAD 2D Drawings

Electrical Engineering

Electrical Concepts and Theory

  • Single/Three phase wiring
  • Industrial power distribution

Electrical Control Panel Designing

  • Timers, Counters, Relays, Contactors, Panel meters,
  • Sensors, Actuators, Encoders, Decoders, Temperature controllers
  • Panel Designing and Wiring

Industrial motor controlling

  • D/C & A/C Motor Controlling
  • A/C Motor controlling using VDF/VSD

PLC programming

  • Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers
  • Introduction to Ladder Logic Programming
  • SELPRO Ladder Programming Software
  • HMI based System Developing

Mechanical Engineering

  • Principles of mechanical engineering
  • Pneumatic system developing
  • Pneumatic principles and theory
  • Pneumatic components, component types and applications
  • Introduction to Hydraulic systems
  • Hydraulic pumps, regulators, valves, filters, solenoids, etc. and industrial

Computer based Control Systems

Raspberry Pi Computing

  • Introduction to single board computing
  • GPIO Programming

Engineering Project Management

● Project Management Tools for Engineers
● Guidelines for Report Writing

Final Project

Group project and project report submission

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