Raspberry Pi Computer Programming Course in Sri LankaTechnoplus Automation

Raspberry Pi Computer Programming

Raspberry Pi Single Board Computer programming course

Learn how to make robotic systems, machine controlling interfaces & embedded web applications. This course is suitable for computer programmers, electronic, mechatronics, robotics engineers and beginners who wants to learn single board computing from basic level.

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Medium of Training : Sinhala
Course fee : 7,000 LKR
Awards : Certificate for all participants
Venue : 383 1/1 Serpentine Rd., Borella

Duration: 1 days (9 hrs.)
Required materials : Laptop
Registration fee : 500 LKR
Lunch & refreshment : Provided
Contact : 077-2813449


Learning objectives

  • Understand basic fundamentals of single board computing
  • Basic knowledge on GPIO pin programming
  • Raspberry pi hardware assembling and software setup
  • Interface arduino with raspberry pi and develop combined applications
  • Develop simple applications using applications Pi4J


Fundamentals of single board computing

  • Define industrial automation
  • Different automated systems

Introduction to Raspberry Pi

  • Structure and parts of Raspberry Pi board
  • Compare Raspberry Pi with Arduino

Hardware Assembling

  • Connecting HDMI to VGA converter, mouse, keyboard and micro USB power adapter

Installing Raspbian O/S

  • Download Raspbian operating system to SD card
  • Install Raspbian to SD card
  • Booting Raspberry Pi with Raspbian

Raspberry Pi Networking

  • Configuring Raspberry Pi Wireless Network
  • Connecting to Internet & Web browsing

Raspberry Pi GPIO pins

  • Enabling GPIO pins
  • Programming GPIO pins

Raspberry Pi Programming

  • Interfacing LEDs
  • Interfacing sensors and developing sensor based applications
  • Digital to analog conversion
  • Interfacing and controlling motors

Introduction to Pi4J Programming

  • Installing Pi4J
  • Introduction to Pi4J application developing

Summarizing and Discussion

  • Simple ideas for develop home automation systems