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PLC & HMI Programming

PLC & HMI Programming Course

Learn how to program Siemens, Mitsubishi & SELEC PLCs. This two day training course is suitable for beginners who want to learn PLC programming from basic level.

Next Course : March
Medium of Training : Sinhala
Course fee : 15,000 LKR
Awards : Certificate for all participants
Venue : 383 1/1 Serpentine Rd., Borella

Duration: 3 day (16 hrs.)
Required materials : Laptop
Registration fee : 4,000 LKR
Lunch & refreshment : Not Provided
Contact : 077-2813449

Learning objectives

  • Understand how programmable logic controllers function
  • Interfacing I/O devices with PLC
  • Develop automation system using PLC


Fundamentals to the PLC Technology

  • Introduction to programmable logic controllers
  • Industrial Applications
  • Architecture of a PLC
  • Numbering Systems and Logic Operations for PLCs
  • Scan Cycle and the Speed of a PLCs

SELEC PLC Programming

  • Introduction to SELEC PLCs
  • Installing & Configuring SELPRO software
  • Ladder logic programming using Selpro

Introduction Siemens S-7 series

  • Basic Instructions for Siemens S-7 series
  • Logic Operation Instructions
  • Program Control Instructions
  • Subroutine Instructions
  • Timer Instructions
  • Conversion Instructions

PLC Programming Methods

  • Ladder Diagram Method
  • Introduction to Function Block Diagram Method

Simulation software

  • STEP 7-MicroWin Simulation
  • Automation Studio

PLC based System Designing

  • Guidelines for designing PLC systems
  • Logic System Design
  • PLC Wiring
  • Analog input Handling
  • Profibus modbus communication

HMI Programming

  • Configuring HMIs with PLC
  •  HMI network topologies, nodes, ports and drivers
  • Working with display, timer counter setting and feedback control
  • Troubleshooting and Safety